Modern Houses


Pokemon House 3

Pokemon house, I never thought it would look like that, it is so ... normal. Look how easy...
 Block count: 907
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Modern Yellow House

What is Your favorite color? Yellow? If yes, then You are at the right place. Because what...
 Block count: 1320
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Modern Summer Villa

Well, who wouldn't want to live in this Modern Summer Villa? And not only in the summer bu...
 Block count: 3983
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Modern House Studio

Now this house here is amazing! It is so symmetrical, the purple color is looking really c...
 Block count: 3015
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Modern Green House

What is Your favourite color? I have always thought that a house needs to reflect on who Y...
 Block count: 2288
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Modern Blue House

Oh, well this house here is unique. It is literally standing on tiny legs and there is a b...
 Block count: 1730
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Modern Red House

If You like red and modern houses then You are totally in the right place. Just look how c...
 Block count: 3296
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Fantasy Nordic Blacksmith

Blacksmiths ... what would we do without them? I mean they do the most perfect tools, don'...
 Block count: 4039
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Exotic Modern Villa 9

If I hear the word 'exotic' I automatically think of a deep jungle... So I would expect th...
 Block count: 2661
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Exotic Modern Villa 7

Fancy checking out this exotic slash secret villa? It's a huge and modern house looking li...
 Block count: 2739
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Exotic Modern Villa 6

Simple but exotic. How come? Well, it's not a typical modern villa with straight lines and...
 Block count: 3334
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Exotic Modern Villa 2

I could watch this house for hours. It catches eyes like supermodels on runway, like reall...
 Block count: 5540
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Exotic Modern Villa 1

That's really something exotic I must admit. A villa could easily look modern but to make ...
 Block count: 3311
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Exotic Modern Villa 4

Villas are the perfect place to go over for a summer holiday, don't You think so? Imagine ...
 Block count: 4679
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Exotic Modern Villa 3

Is there a person who doesn't like Villas? I mean what is here not to like? Just look how ...
 Block count: 2821
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Exotic Modern Villa 10

Have You ever thought of having a modern villa worth of millions? Because well ever since ...
 Block count: 26723
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