Modern Houses


Modern Private House 13

This house is a real masterpiece! It may look simple, yet rafined from the outside, but it...
 Block count: 1977
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Miniature House 3

This simple, yet two-storey building is equipped with rooms in different size. Its big bal...
 Block count: 1183
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Modern Private House 5

This minimalistic yet very beautiful dream house leaves all Your guests amazed and blown a...
 Block count: 7957
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Modern Private House 6

This one right here is a building that will take the idea of a modern house into a complet...
 Block count: 3179
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Town Hall

What's the point in owning a whole town when You don't have a Town Hall in it. You might k...
 Block count: 741
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Simple Apartment Building

Wow! So simple, but so pretty and modern! If You don't like big and fancy buildings then t...
 Block count: 5826
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Miniature House

This is a tiny beautiful house for You. Easy to build and doesn't take too much time. I re...
 Block count: 559
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Miniature House 2

This house is not a typical modern house You're used to building. It's less functional and...
 Block count: 736
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Suburban House 1

It doesn't matter whether You're familiar with all the types of houses in Minecraft or You...
 Block count: 1267
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Modern Mansion

If You want to live like a real billionaire then You've come to a the right place. The Mod...
 Block count: 1895
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