Military Buildings


Clash of Clans Clan Castle 4

Well ... this castle here is so small and a little bit scary. Is it just me or it looks li...
 Block count: 658
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Clash of Clans Clan Castle 2

Hey, this castle is different. It is so small and not detailed at all ... I wonder what ca...
 Block count: 570
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Clash of Clans Clan Castle 1

I love castles, really. They are so beautiful, fancy and just amazing buildings to be in a...
 Block count: 512
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Clash of Clans Archer Tower 2

Yes, this tower here for an archer looks about right! I hope it is really stable and stron...
 Block count: 129
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Clash of Clans Archer Tower 1

Archer towers are just perfect or what do You think? They are kind of hard to build tho be...
 Block count: 103
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Feudal Japan Watchtower

Feudal Japan style can surprise me once again - look at that tower here, isn't it perfect?...
 Block count: 715
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Tall Medieval Tower

Woah, this tower here is pretty amazing. It is so colorful, detailed and beautiful... it k...
 Block count: 1532
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Small Medieval Hilltop Tower

There are two thing I love - towers with a perfect view and a perfect view. Since this tow...
 Block count: 1568
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Nordic Simple Fort

If Your village has forts like this then You are lucky! Why? Because You are very well sec...
 Block count: 1425
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Mesa Simple Fort

Well ... this fort here is truly unique .. it looks like a sand castle or a toy or somethi...
 Block count: 1285
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Medieval Simple Fort

If this fort here is simple then I dont know ... well yes, it is simple but the design and...
 Block count: 1644
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Demonic Simple Fort

A fort is there to protect You in Your darkest days and to give beauty at the lightest day...
 Block count: 1350
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Arabic Simple Fort

Oh an Arabic fort ... well this is gorgeous. Very emty tho, but this is where You come in....
 Block count: 1485
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Small Medieval Tower 2

Awww this tower here is such a cutie. It is quite small which means it is perfect for smal...
 Block count: 823
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Small Medieval Tower

It might be small but this tower here is one of the best ones I have seen so far. I know i...
 Block count: 394
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Dwarven Simple Fort

A simple fort for times when You do not feel like building or maybe You love simple lookin...
 Block count: 1303
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