Military First Aid Tent

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Author: ABigFatTomato
Block count: 90
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Well this place here is seriously important, right? I mean isn't it wonderful to be prepared for the worst or just to help a person with flu or any other complaint. Well this first aid tent here is just for that. It has two red beds and well the design of this tent as You can see is really cool. Everyone can say from far away that this is the place to get help from. So, what do You think? If You'd love to own this then blueprints are below so check them out below and take care :)
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Blocks you'll need:

White Wool 53
White Carpet 14
Red Wool 10
Oak Fence 6
Bed 4
Stone Slab 3
Skill level 1
Object added 17 Mar 2017
Width 5
Height 4
Depth 7
Tags tent, first aid, battlefield, military, medic, army
Block Count 90
Object materials
White Wool 53
White Carpet 14
Red Wool 10
Oak Fence 6
Stone Slab (Upper) 3
Bed (South, Empty, Foot of the bed) 2
Bed (South, Empty, Head of the bed) 2
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