Wooden House 20

An earthy but modern house- what else could one wood lover ask for!? This house is truly a...
 Block count: 2156
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Simple Medieval House

Medieval designs are always soooo fascinating! Just look at this house- it's anything else...
 Block count: 847
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Wooden Starter House

I love this wooden starter house, it looks really friendly and welcoming for some reason -...
 Block count: 714
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Small Wooden Cabin 7

This is a nicand cozy wooden cottage. And I love the hedge around it, makes it more privat...
 Block count: 560
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Modern House 18

This house reminds me of a house located in London city, the ones You see in movies. It's ...
 Block count: 1884
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Modern House 17

A beautiful modern house for You and Your girlfriend or Your boyfriend! You can play the g...
 Block count: 1820
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Party Rocking House

A True Party Rocking House! A House to have all the fun in the world - to have parties and...
 Block count: 6155
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Survival House

Here is a little survival house for You with the cutest entrance ever - a little fence. ...
 Block count: 1743
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Sky Survival House

If You want to survive in this unpredictable world, You better build Yourself a survival h...
 Block count: 1017
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Modern Private House 22

This house looks absolutely gorgeous, it is really modern and the front yard is just fancy...
 Block count: 2722
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Wooden House 18

If You're looking for something cozy then click the 'back' button but if You want to go fo...
 Block count: 1884
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Wooden House 16

Look at this cool house. It has a huge porch with a sofa, where You can sit even when it's...
 Block count: 1368
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Jack O Latern Survival House

This pumpkin survival house is seriously cool. I am loving these eyes and this creepy grin...
 Block count: 3734
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Bloody Herobrine Survival House

Ain't no enemy's going to come after You to this house and that's a fact! Believe me, I ha...
 Block count: 1327
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Rustic Enchanting House

This is the house for enchanting. It has no doors and it looks like a place for meditating...
 Block count: 1104
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Wooden Starter House 2

This starter house is not like any usual house ... well it is, but it is different. It doe...
 Block count: 710
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