Modern Private House 3

Is it just me or this house actually looks like a huge camping house? I like it with the m...
 Block count: 3682
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Modern Private House 9

This is a huge coffee brown coloured house. I really like the shape of this house, it is n...
 Block count: 3014
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Modern Private House 15

Private modern house with a balcony. Interior is glowing with cool dark light with its red...
 Block count: 2563
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Modern Private House 8

This is a huge, two-storey building, where you can play hide-and-seek all day long in Mine...
 Block count: 3020
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Modern Private House 13

This house is a real masterpiece! It may look simple, yet rafined from the outside, but it...
 Block count: 1977
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Miniature House 3

This simple, yet two-storey building is equipped with rooms in different size. Its big bal...
 Block count: 1183
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Small Medieval House

Now this is like a house from an Indian village. On the other hand, this could also be a s...
 Block count: 992
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Wooden House 10

Look at this beautiful house. It's not like any other typical house, it has a balcony, and...
 Block count: 2135
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Medieval City Hall With a Bell Tower

This city hall can hold council meetings of any size. It can host small town meetings, hug...
 Block count: 2660
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Modern Private House 5

This minimalistic yet very beautiful dream house leaves all Your guests amazed and blown a...
 Block count: 7957
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Big Tree House

Building houses high from the ground has many advantages: it's invisible from curious neig...
 Block count: 2037
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Modern Private House 6

This one right here is a building that will take the idea of a modern house into a complet...
 Block count: 3179
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Wooden House 9

Here's something enthralling to try besides the masculine buildings You're used to buildin...
 Block count: 1991
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Small Cozy Cottage With A King-Size Bed

Tired of big city life? Pack Your stuff and move to the countryside then! If the idea of i...
 Block count: 1022
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Medieval Cozy Guest House

Wood always gives buildings' a nicely warm touch and it's just wonderful! This wooden hous...
 Block count: 1052
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Fully Furnished Medieval Wooden Inn

The Middle Ages are not gone yet! To get the idea of this period, here's something fun to ...
 Block count: 3203
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