Small Wooden House 2

Now this reminds me of a hobbit house from the Lord of the Rings. It is weirdly shaped, bu...
 Block count: 1476
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Modern Sandstone House

Beautiful, but definitely not an ordinary sandstone house to live in. Just make sure You h...
 Block count: 1522
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Modern Private House 25

This is a very cool well-built building. As You can see, it is almost underground. On the ...
 Block count: 1962
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Modern Apartment Building

A big and spacious apartment building. The apartments are spacious and very modern, they a...
 Block count: 39771
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Small Sandstone House 2

A small but modern, not colourful but bright, not very detailed but effective. It will sta...
 Block count: 2900
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Modern Private House 24

This Scandinavian style modern house is a pure example of the great Swedish design. It's o...
 Block count: 6772
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Sandstone House 3

Sandstone? Sandstone! Yes, we can build a beautiful building by using this block. This act...
 Block count: 1984
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White Semi-Detached House

An awesome white semi-detached house! You can have Your best friends to be Your neighbours...
 Block count: 9529
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Small Wooden Cabin 5

This small wooden cabin is perfect for Your first night's emergency shelter or for a suppo...
 Block count: 552
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Modern Private House 21

A very detailed and a beautiful modern private house is definitely created by a true archi...
 Block count: 3060
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Wooden House 13

This wooden house has a big veranda that is shaped like a triangle and that makes it diffe...
 Block count: 1010
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Wooden Mansion

Hey You, wood lovers and hectic mansion builders - I've got something great for You this t...
 Block count: 32237
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Simple Starter TreeHouse

I don't know about You guys, but I have built many real tree houses, but none of them was ...
 Block count: 316
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Underground House

Seriously? A house under the ground, though this one is not completely under the ground - ...
 Block count: 1555
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Modern Private House 20

Wow... this house looks like it just came out from some kind of a drama movie, I mean it i...
 Block count: 8669
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Modern Private House 19

Look at this awesome private house, isn't it beautiful? I really like the entrance of this...
 Block count: 5248
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