Modern Private House 18

I bet some kind of an architect is the owner of this house, because it looks so geometric ...
 Block count: 5041
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White Mansion 2

If You want to feel Yourself like the Minecraft version of Hugh Hefner with pool parties a...
 Block count: 28840
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Semi-Detached House

Now, this is the place for gatsby parties! It is huuuuge! Just build this house with Your ...
 Block count: 10014
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Modern Mansion 2

This mansion is modern, classy and it is huge! It has like an entire river running underne...
 Block count: 27320
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Modern Private House 17

Look at the pool beside this huge mansion! This is simply amazing. You can take Your girlf...
 Block count: 11586
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Sandstone House 2

This L-shape house is built mainly from sand and wood, so if you have access to very large...
 Block count: 3106
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Small Survival House 2

This house looks really happy and colourful to me, for some reason. I think I just love th...
 Block count: 565
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Small Wooden Cabin 4

This house is very unique, just have a look at the yard and the roof! You can literally cl...
 Block count: 758
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Wooden Windmill

This a big wooden windmill, which will be perfect to mark Your farm from a distance. It's ...
 Block count: 2129
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Small Log Cabin

Look at this cute and detailed log cabin, isn't it looking awesome? It is very snowy aroun...
 Block count: 1030
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Small Fishing Hut

Just look at this awesome house. This house is built next to a lake, because it is a fishi...
 Block count: 659
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Tool Shed

This is the place to gather up all Your tools! A building so small can fit all sizes of ha...
 Block count: 155
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Modern Private House 14

A house made of glass... almost. The blue glass panes and brown stained clay look perfectl...
 Block count: 1032
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Medieval 2-Storey House

This is a beautiful medieval house with 2 floors and a very sharp roof. Almost pointing to...
 Block count: 2171
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Small Wooden Cabin 3

This wooden cabin is looking pretty cool, if You ask me. I really like the front part of t...
 Block count: 1011
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Wooden House 15

Look at this cool-looking house. I really like the little balcony on the second floor of t...
 Block count: 2116
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