Medieval Laundry House

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Author: WesterosCraft
Block count: 614
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Building a medieval town includes making a tavern, bakery, shops, a pub, wells and many other... Don't You dare to forget the laundry house, my friend! As You may already know, back then, people didn't have powerful multifunctional washing machines. They all had to work their fingers to the bone to make dirty sheets shine again! Oh maaan, You better show some respect to those ladies by creatiing them this awesome laundry house!
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Blocks you'll need:

Cobblestone 237
Oak Wood 85
Oak Wood Stairs 81
Oak Wood Plank 70
Wooden Slab 34
Glass 33
Furnace 14
Grass 11
Oak Fence 10
Chest 7
Oak Door 6
Snow 5
Cauldron 3
Torch 3
Wall 1
Dirt 1
Wall Sign 1
Double Wooden Slab 1
View Other Materials 10
Skill level 1
Object added 10 Dec 2015
Width 11
Height 11
Depth 10
Tags medieval, building, medieval house, laundry house, building, medieval house, laundry house
Block Count 614
Object materials
Cobblestone 237
Oak Wood 85
Oak Wood Plank 70
Wooden Slab 34
Glass 33
Oak Wood Stairs (North, Normal) 33
Oak Wood Stairs (South, Normal) 27
Furnace (Facing East) 14
Grass 11
(Stone) Wooden Slab (Upper) 11
Oak Fence 10
Oak Wood Stairs (West, Normal) 9
Chest (East) 7
Oak Wood Stairs (East, Normal) 7
Snow (One Layer) 5
Oak Wood Stairs (North, Upside-down) 4
Cauldron (Fully Filled) 3
Oak Door (Hinge Left, Unpowered, Upper 2
Oak Door (Facing South, Closed, Lower) 2
Torch (Facing West) 1
Oak Door (Hinge Right, Unpowered, Upper) 1
Wall-mounted Sign Block west-northwest 1
Torch (Facing East) 1
Dirt 1
Oak Door (Facing North, Closed, Lower) 1
Wall Sign, west 1
Double Wooden Slab 1
Torch (Facing North) 1
Oak Wood Stairs (South, Upside-down) 1
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