Sandstone House

This house may not exist in the real world, but in Your Minecraft world it is definitely p...
 Block count: 3258
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Ender Dragon Survival House

Look at this awesome house, it's nothing I've ever seen before and I really like it. The h...
 Block count: 2991
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Modern Private House 10

This ecological house is very natural and using the newest and greenest technologies to re...
 Block count: 1430
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Modern Hotel 2

This 8-floor modern hotel is very elegant from the outside, glass giving it a curvy and a ...
 Block count: 15230
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Modern Terraced House 1

This modern row house is perfect for small families. There are 4 apartments in this buildi...
 Block count: 11814
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There are a million ways to die in Minecraft and if there is one must-have building, then ...
 Block count: 3863
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Best Buy

This Best Buy store has a fun look from the outside and a very detailed interior. The six ...
 Block count: 6662
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Small Sandstone House

If You want something conservative and not very noticeable then this house is Yours. It is...
 Block count: 3707
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Quartz House 2

A house to explain Yourself when words cannnot. I mean, it is as complicated as a woman's ...
 Block count: 1142
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Quartz House 1

A very small, yet a pretty house. It doesn't look much, but having a feeling that You need...
 Block count: 2673
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Modern Semi-Detached House

Have You ever wished Your best friend lived right next door? This is the house for You! Th...
 Block count: 11022
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Modern Private House 7

A beautiful green private house, it looks nice and cozy and the best part is that those bl...
 Block count: 12305
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Modern Private House 16

This a nice modern house - small but luxurious, simple but colourful, This is a perfect ho...
 Block count: 9920
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Big Modern House

If You think that less is more then this house is perfectly for You! Awesomely furnished w...
 Block count: 6337
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Modern Private House 4

Well this is a real Hollywood house. It is looking gorgeous and really fancy. If You are g...
 Block count: 4493
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Modern Private House 3

Is it just me or this house actually looks like a huge camping house? I like it with the m...
 Block count: 3682
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