Wooden Hut

A little hut never hurt nobody- said no minecrafter ever. Hah, actually it's a nice build ...
 Block count: 278
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Small Medieval Manor House

Now this house here is looking cozy and warm. It even has more than one floor and the inte...
 Block count: 934
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Sandy's Tree House And Tree Dome

Here's something reaaaaally great for all the Spongebob fans! Remember how fabulous Sandy'...
 Block count: 24819
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Medieval Restaurant

Don't You just love to eat? I sure do. I am in love with cool looking restaurants where it...
 Block count: 2420
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Dwarf Style Farmhouse

Dwarf style rocks. Dwarf style is freaking awesome! Aaaand another example of it is right ...
 Block count: 645
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Dwarf Style Church

Interested in building a church? You better get it in dwarf style! It's fun to build and e...
 Block count: 3072
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Medieval Town Centre

Now it's time to show how adventurous You really are because that model is a though nut to...
 Block count: 3261
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Medieval Hut

They always say that go big or go home... But maybe You like going home? This time it's al...
 Block count: 267
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Medieval Government Building

What's a medieval town without a government? Well, not the best functioning town I think. ...
 Block count: 5169
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Medieval Farm 2

Woooh, a whole complex of different farm buildings! Thank goodness You don't need other bl...
 Block count: 7163
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Medieval City Tower and Keep

That's massssive but freaking awesome! This time I'm challenging You with a medieval city ...
 Block count: 35092
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Medieval Canteen 3

It's not a restaurant or any sweet little cafe, but an usual medieval canteen that was ine...
 Block count: 2930
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Medieval Candle Store

isn't this a great idea to earn some money? Make candles and try to sell them in this medi...
 Block count: 266
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Medieval Brewery

Wow, just WOW guys! This medieval brewery slash restaurant looks stunning both from the in...
 Block count: 1131
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Medieval Armour Storage Building

At first You can't really guess what this house's for... Is it for living? Is that a fanci...
 Block count: 9490
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Simple Medieval House 1

Does simple equal boring? I don't think so. And in my opinion, this build proves it quite ...
 Block count: 678
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