Well this hummer here is seriously awesome. You can go inside this Hummer and it looks ev...
 Block count: 115
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Garbage Truck

They're big, they're noisy and they stink terribly! Why would anyone like a garbage truck ...
 Block count: 205
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Did You know that there are so many different tanks in the world, for example heavy tanks,...
 Block count: 82
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Ice Cream Truck

If I made You a quiz and asked "How do You call the truck, which is recognizable from a gr...
 Block count: 107
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White Private Jet

Who said that only the rich and famous people can own a private jet? I think that everyone...
 Block count: 183
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Fighter Planes

Fighter planes' main mission is to attack ground target. They fly in high speed to hit the...
 Block count: 352
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Have You ever thought of how many different machines it takes to create a building in real...
 Block count: 61
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Monster Truck

Did someone say "monster"? Hah, this truck here surely looks like a monster to me! This mo...
 Block count: 85
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Mini Cooper

This cooper is truly a MINI cooper! It's small, therefore compact and perfectly compatible...
 Block count: 29
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Golf Cart

Each time I see golf carts in movies I start wondering what it would be like to race with ...
 Block count: 38
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Breaking Bad RV

You're wrong if You think it's a regular RV. It's Breaking Bad's RV and maaaany mystical t...
 Block count: 105
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Luggage Train

All trains don't need train tracks... say whaaat? Yeap, for example a luggage train can mo...
 Block count: 188
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Wooden Bus

Who said that a bus can't be made of wood? This bus is made of wood "from head to toe" an...
 Block count: 181
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Camping Van

When You want to go camping, but the days are not as sunny and warm as they were a couple ...
 Block count: 124
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Yellow Bus

This is by far the coolest bus I have ever seen. I mean You can go inside the bus, sit the...
 Block count: 282
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Staircase for planes

Imagine that You've been on a plane for 12 hours and the plane has finally landed. But You...
 Block count: 113
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