Medium Yacht 1

If You think You're too young to own a notable yacht collection then think twice. In Minec...
 Block count: 1108
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Medieval Tradeship

I love medieval time things and this ship is one of them, I mean doesn't it look cool? It...
 Block count: 2023
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Boeing 787

This is something for one of the founders of GrabCraft and my very special person. He happ...
 Block count: 2362
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Sailing Boat

Are You ready for some sailing on the sea? If You're not then it's good, it's all good bec...
 Block count: 853
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Fire Truck 2

Someone called the firemen? This here is an amazing firetruck, it is looking absolutely co...
 Block count: 215
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A submarine! I was wondering when we would have blueprints for that! Well, now is the day ...
 Block count: 2464
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Medieval Sailing Ship

THIS! IS! AMAZING! Just look at that sailing ship! I'd like to go sailing with that for a ...
 Block count: 1967
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Railway Gun

Holy moly! Here's something for the real war game fans. If You're wondering, what's the bi...
 Block count: 3323
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Military Helicopter

Hey You, military theme fans! Owning a military base, tanks and other armored vehicles doe...
 Block count: 687
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Medium Yacht 3

If neither small nor enormously big crafts are exactly Your cup of tea, then why not tryin...
 Block count: 1049
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Medium Yacht 5

This here is a medium size yacht and it is white with birch wood planks that are making th...
 Block count: 1760
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Medium Yacht 2

This yacht here is looking really good, I really like the black stripe on the sides and th...
 Block count: 1272
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Road Roller

Now this is a really cool road roller. I mean this car is no ordinary car, it is special a...
 Block count: 121
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Small Plane

Have You ever thought about being a pilot? Well I know, I have and this is why I am so exc...
 Block count: 103
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RV Camper

Do You like camping? Everybody loves camping! Especially when You have an RV like this! In...
 Block count: 460
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Forklift 1

Hey You, construction workers and future foremans! Didn't You forget an essential vehicle ...
 Block count: 64
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