English Bus

Double decker bus is here! Isn't it looking awesome? I love the red and all the paintings ...
 Block count: 193
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Armored Truck

Basic trucks don't give much of 'WOW's so that's why You should see what this armored truc...
 Block count: 127
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Fishing Boat

Instead of just ordering the fish of the day in Your favourite restaurant, You should cons...
 Block count: 966
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White Formula 1 Car

You've probably got all the fancy houses, restaurants, statues and other stuff in Your Min...
 Block count: 34
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Muscle Car

The most american car ever made! If You are a patriotic USA citizen or You just have a thi...
 Block count: 40
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Pickup Truck

Have You ever had a pickup truck? Have You ever wanted one? I have seen them in the movies...
 Block count: 95
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Green Bus

It was my dream to become a bus driver, when I was a kid and now when I look at this bus.....
 Block count: 225
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Ice Cream Truck 1

Everybody loves Ice Cream, am I right? Now look at this Ice Cream truck here, it looks rea...
 Block count: 118
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Bulldozer 3

There is never not enought working machines. A good, strong, working bulldozer can save yo...
 Block count: 105
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Bulldozer 2

If You want to drive around with style in Your Minecraft world, then a bulldozer is the be...
 Block count: 153
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Range Rover

Look at this awesome Range Rover. I've gotta say, it looks realistic and I love that this ...
 Block count: 69
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Police Car 2

If You are afraid for Your safety in Your Minecraft world, then go ahead and build Yoursel...
 Block count: 100
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Tank 2

Be ready for some real war games, because this here is an awesome tank for You! Just look ...
 Block count: 72
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Moving Truck

It's not rare in Minecraft world that people abandon their buildings. Sometimes whole vill...
 Block count: 112
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This sailboat is looking awesome. I mean it's spacious and beautiful, You can live on this...
 Block count: 298
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I have seen fields of wheat in Minecraft that are soo big they could be seen from the moon...
 Block count: 257
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