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Author: MagmaMusen
Block count: 124
Views: 2844

When You want to go camping, but the days are not as sunny and warm as they were a couple of weeks ago, then go ahead and build this Camping Van - I won't guarantee, that it will make You feel better, but that van looks awesome, so it's definitely worth trying. There is a bed and a chest in the van and it looks very cosy. Hurry up and check out the blueprints to start building, You may of course pick a colour for the van Yourself. I wish You happy building :)
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Blocks you'll need:

Quartz Slab 23
Red Stained Clay 17
Pillar Quartz Block 11
Quartz Stairs 10
Tripwire 10
Quartz Block 10
Black Stained Glass Pane 6
Block of Coal 6
Stone Button 6
Cyan Carpet 4
White Carpet 4
Birch Fence Gate 4
Birch Door 4
Stone Slab 2
Bed 2
Wall Sign 2
Ladder 1
Rail 1
Chest 1
Skill level 1
Object added 01 Oct 2015
Width 6
Height 5
Depth 10
Tags transportation, camping van, family vehicle, camping van, family vehicle
Block Count 124
Object materials
Quartz Slab (Upper) 21
Red Stained Clay 17
Pillar Quartz Block (east-west) 11
Quartz Block 10
Tripwire (Unactive, In the Air, Unattached, Armed) 9
Black Stained Glass Pane 6
Block of Coal 6
Cyan Carpet 4
White Carpet 4
Quartz Stairs (North, Normal) 4
Stone Button (Facing West, Inactive) 3
Quartz Stairs (South, Normal) 3
Stone Button (Facing East, Inactive) 3
Birch Fence Gate (Facing South, Closed) 2
Quartz Stairs (East, Normal) 2
Birch Door (Upper, Hinge Left, Unpowered) 2
Quartz Slab 2
Birch Fence Gate (Facing South, Opened) 2
Stone Slab 2
Ladder (facing south) 1
Bed (North, Empty, Head of the bed) 1
Quartz Stairs (West, Normal) 1
Rail 1
Chest (South) 1
Tripwire (Unactive, On a Block, Unattached, Armed) 1
Wall Sign, south 1
Birch Door (Lower, Facing South, Closed) 1
Birch Door (Lower, Facing East, Opened) 1
Wall Sign, north 1
Bed (North, Empty, Foot of the bed) 1
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