Small Yacht

Now this is a true Minecraft luxury - a private Yacht! An unreachable dream for many, but ...
 Block count: 551
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Big buildings need big tools. Let me present You one of the true workhorses that lets Stev...
 Block count: 103
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Modern Train

While we all have seen Hollywood movies of unstoppable trains, this one is seriously stuck...
 Block count: 1038
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Tractor With a Hay Carrier

Farm life teaches that if You want to get the work done, You need to use proper vehicles f...
 Block count: 97
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Small Tractor

Oh, look at this cute one here. It's even smaller than the green one. It's a tractor witho...
 Block count: 35
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Simple Tractor

Can You hear it? The noise of a loud and annoying tractor. It's probably going to stand in...
 Block count: 47
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Black Helicopter

Black and fierce... or is it? I do think so, having a black helicopter instead of a regula...
 Block count: 383
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Have You ever flewn on a seaplane? You can fly and see the world above or You can sail on ...
 Block count: 240
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Monster Truck 2

Well....this truck is huge - it is a monster truck so I believe it is worth its name. But ...
 Block count: 99
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Camping Truck

Are You ready to go camping? This camping truck is looking pretty good, am I right? I real...
 Block count: 161
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Small Race Car

Look at this cute race car. This is just fantastic, it looks so cute, but kind of awesome ...
 Block count: 26
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Formula 1 Car

How many boys have dreamed about being a F1 car driver? This Formula 1 car is literally th...
 Block count: 36
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Look at this cute little brown Jeep, I love it. I really like this Jeep's lights and the g...
 Block count: 74
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I do not know a lot about boats, but this one here is looking pretty good to me. I love th...
 Block count: 510
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Al Capone Cadillac

Al Capone- the most famous gangster in America's history. He may be a bad guy, but thankfu...
 Block count: 73
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This is a Paramedics car everybody, it is looking pretty cool, am I right? I really like t...
 Block count: 137
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