Want to spice up the sky in Your modern city? Make Yourself a colorful bi-plane that is pe...
 Block count: 824
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AT-ST/Chicken Walker (Star Wars)

Listen up, Star Wars fans! The funny looking Chicken Walker is now ready to be a part of Y...
 Block count: 431
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TIE Fighter (Star Wars)

Star Wars never stops to amaze us with it's enormous characters. This TIE Fighter is again...
 Block count: 597
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Snowspeeder (Star Wars)

The Legendary Star Wars is back and with even better models than before! If You're a fan o...
 Block count: 554
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Tow Truck

That's just amazing how many different trucks and cars have been made to help us survive i...
 Block count: 82
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Hot Rod

Here's something for those who consider themselves as passionate car lovers. This hot rod ...
 Block count: 70
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Tractor Trailer

Trailers in general are cool but this huge tractor trailer is waaay beyooond that- it's do...
 Block count: 266
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Boeing 747

I hope You love airplanes because You're about to meet one of the most famous wide- body j...
 Block count: 2375
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The truck that You're facing right now seems pretty ordinary. But is it really? For me it ...
 Block count: 75
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Hot Air Balloon

I dreamed of flying when I was a little kid, but now I dream of going for a ride with a ho...
 Block count: 179
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Boeing 737

This airplane looks seriously realistic. The wings are perfect and the nose is looking re...
 Block count: 1045
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Airbus A380

I love Airbus a380, just because it has two floors, can You believe it? An airplane has tw...
 Block count: 3587
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White Helicopter

Wanna enter the party with style? Make Yourself a good looking white helicopter and I coul...
 Block count: 369
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Medieval Ship

If You're used to building Minecraft stuff on land then it's time to move to the water. Th...
 Block count: 3837
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Airplane With Interior

Look at this amazing white and red airplane, it really looks like the real airplane. It ha...
 Block count: 817
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Medium Yacht 4

I've always dreamt of going on a cruise but not just on any ship - a Yacht suitable only f...
 Block count: 1461
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