Small Trading Ship

I hope You have some stuff You need to get rid of, because this ship here is a trading shi...
 Block count: 4443
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Sloop ship

The more You look at it from different angles the more You become to like it. This sloop s...
 Block count: 13347
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Private Jet

I'd love to own my personal jet ... fly to school every day with it and just be the cooles...
 Block count: 994
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Pirate Boat

Now this boat here is huge, isn't it? The first thing I saw were the sails, they are huge ...
 Block count: 23983
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Medieval Ship 1

This time we're not talking about any huge or crazy pirate ship that may scare even pirate...
 Block count: 1036
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The Elite - Pirate Ship

I am not the only one that loves pirates, am I right? I mean wouldn't it be boring to trav...
 Block count: 11077
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Monroe Space Ship

Hah, that's a bit funny. Why are there so many beds? Is that a sleeping camp or something?...
 Block count: 6664
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A little history lesson for ship lovers: a galleon was a large, multi-decked sailing ship ...
 Block count: 18623
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Empress Space Ship

A space ship? That is insane! I bet You've never seen anything like this model before! So ...
 Block count: 7967
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Large Airplane with Cargo

Well this airplane here is seriously huge, isn't it? It looks really detailed and the engi...
 Block count: 7164
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Hindenburg Zeppelin

Why do I like Zeppelins so much? They are so awesome, they look cool and this zeppelin her...
 Block count: 24571
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Coastal Trading Vessel

This vessel here is looking awesome, don't You think so? I am loving the huge white sails,...
 Block count: 5813
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Zeppelin 1

I just discovered something crazy ... If You go sit on this Zeppelin then You can see down...
 Block count: 4371
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Hot Air Balloon 2

I want to go flying with this hot air Balloon. I bet the view is absolutely amazing from u...
 Block count: 2601
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Wanna go for a ride? Why not to use a zeppelin this time? What a brilliant idea! Not sure ...
 Block count: 7607
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Battleship (USS Arizona BB-39)

It's time to put Your minecrafting skills on test because this model ain't any piece of ca...
 Block count: 18358
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