Dwarven Warrior Statue 3

Awww this is such an adorable statue, right? Well yeah it is kind of scary and very strong...
 Block count: 149
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Small Creeper Statue

I am not sure if having a creeper statue is a brilliant or really stupid idea. Because wel...
 Block count: 44
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Statue of The Hero's Pledge 2

Well this is a unique statue. Can You see how colorful it is? I wish statues in my town wo...
 Block count: 129
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Dwarven Warrior Statue 2

A statue of a tiny warrior whose heart is made of stone and don't be fooled by his tiny fi...
 Block count: 151
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Polar Bear Statue

Animal statues!! Aren't they just the cutest? Let's take this Polar Bear here for an examp...
 Block count: 159
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Small Rabbit Statue

A rabbit statue, small like a real rabbit is. But isn't it adorable? To be honest a brown...
 Block count: 82
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Small Pig Statue

What can be more adorable than a tiny little pink pig statue with an adorable little nose,...
 Block count: 44
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Lion Statue 1

A statue of a lion ... this is wonderful. Just seeing a lion makes me feel stronger and be...
 Block count: 242
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Statue of Thor

This is a small statue of Thor, the Scandinavian god. wielding his hammer Mjöllrin. Not to...
 Block count: 173
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Statue of The Hero's Pledge 1

Statues are always fun and beautiful to look at. This one here is no exception, the Hero's...
 Block count: 154
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Statue of The Atlas 2

Statues like this are true art. Looking at this statue here one can immediately tell what ...
 Block count: 278
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Flower Statue

A statue of a flower, this is something new, isn't it? Well, it would look amazing in a ga...
 Block count: 137
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Statue of The Oathtaker

Oh this looks like a real statue that we can see from the travel brochures. Have You ever ...
 Block count: 350
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Small Dog Statue

This is amazing! Finally a statue that is seriously cute, no one would be able to walk pas...
 Block count: 55
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Little Maid Statue

I think this is the most adorable maid I have ever seen in Minecraft. Just look at these d...
 Block count: 79
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Financial Steve Statue

Is this the guy who will make us rich or poor? Well he sure seems to be rich because how h...
 Block count: 45
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