Daredevil Statue

Daredevil is known from comics, movies and TV series and he's just incredibly amazing! He ...
 Block count: 1026
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Venom Statue

Have You ever watched cartoons or read Marvel comics? Of course, You have! Therefore, a fi...
 Block count: 1018
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Diamond Armor Steve Statue

How many Steves do You know? Well, I'm sure you know at least one. But if not then now it'...
 Block count: 1124
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Thor Statue

I bet You've heard of an almighty superhero called Thor! This character is wellknown among...
 Block count: 1184
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Iron Man Statue

Who hasn't heard of a powerful movie character called the Iron Man? I'm sure You know who ...
 Block count: 992
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Ultron Statue

An Ultron Statue everybody :) Well, this statue looks really detailed and hard, am I righ...
 Block count: 997
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Superman Statue

If You’ve always wished for a hero, who’s willing to protect Your Minecraft World, then ta...
 Block count: 996
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Green Arrow Statue

Say Hello to an amazing fictional superhero- The Green Arrow! This guy is used to fight cr...
 Block count: 1028
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Furnace Statue

If You want to smelt metals or just build a huge furnace to keep You warm during cold nigh...
 Block count: 1156
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Marge Simpson Statue

This statue of Marge looks as serious and harsh as she is on the cartoon - You can see it ...
 Block count: 1346
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Spider-Man Statue

This statue doesn't really look like the real Spiderman, but You can all understand that ...
 Block count: 996
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Maggie Simpson Statue

Seriously, she is cute, isn't she? Look at her dummy and the fabulous blue bow. The statue...
 Block count: 780
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SpongeBob SquarePants Statue

This huge SpongeBob is looking pretty good with his striped socks and chubby cheeks. To be...
 Block count: 2516
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Bart Simpson Statue

Bart Simpson is the only underage boy in the Simpsons family, he is the one to always get ...
 Block count: 1030
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Ewok Statue

As a true fan of Star Wars You should know that Ewok is kind of an ugly-looking bear-like ...
 Block count: 406
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Bat-Man Statue

The Bat-Man statue in all of his glory. His costume looks cool even in pixel art – the bat...
 Block count: 952
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