Brewing Stand Statue

This statue looks exactly like Your Brewing stand, doesn't it? You know that it is used fo...
 Block count: 335
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Ender Portal Frame Statue

An Ender Portal statue for You guys. This looks seriously amazing, it is gorgeous and the ...
 Block count: 976
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Diamond Statue

This is a huge diamond statue, as You can see already. It looks pretty similar to the real...
 Block count: 204
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Torch Statue

Here is a huge Torch statue for You. It is seriously easy to do, it only takes some minute...
 Block count: 40
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Sign Statue

This Sign statue is pretty detailed. You could even write some letters on it, maybe put t...
 Block count: 632
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Dragon Ball Statue

Look at this orange Dragon ball. It doesn't look exactly like the real dragon ball, but it...
 Block count: 520
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TNT Statue

A huge TNT statue in Your orders. I seriously don't know anything cooler to own than a hug...
 Block count: 1096
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Cake Statue

Have You already eaten? Because even if You have, if You look at this awesome Minecraft ca...
 Block count: 560
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Bookshelf Statue

Here is a bookshelf statue for You guys! Look at it, it is gorgeous. It is colourful and i...
 Block count: 1156
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Yoda Statue

This Yoda here is the most powerful Jedi Master in galactic history. The small Statue of h...
 Block count: 430
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Cauldron Statue

Why not to make a Cauldron? It is a pretty cool and very easy thing to own in Your statue ...
 Block count: 1452
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Carnage Statue

This statue of Carnage is really amazing. Just look at it! Red and black really suits him ...
 Block count: 1024
Details Blueprints

Deadpool Statue

Look, it's Deadpool! This fictional antihero is wellknown from Marvel comic books and I be...
 Block count: 992
Details Blueprints

Venom Extreme Statue

He's bad, he's unpredictable, he's... Venom Extreme! This scary supervillain is so powerfu...
 Block count: 1004
Details Blueprints

Hulk Statue

This statue of Hulk seems actually friedly - he'd not as aggressive as the comic book one....
 Block count: 1028
Details Blueprints

Freddy Statue

Who is this mysterious bear with a nice bowtie, distinctive hat, big teeth and shiny red e...
 Block count: 1069
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