Oak Ent

You know how Oak Tree Ents are really hard to notice? Well I think this statue here is on ...
 Block count: 140
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Bulbasaur 2

This is so adorable, Bulbasaur is one of the cutest Pokémons out there for sure. Just look...
 Block count: 445
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Erichhiro Statue

This is nice, the statue here is colorful, big, very detailed, I like the clothes it is we...
 Block count: 326
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Lndiniz Statue

We have another Youtuber here, Lndiniz. I didn't even know we have this kind of a statue h...
 Block count: 333
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Cherry Jazzghost Statue

Cherry the Jazzghost ... how do people come up with so cool names? I can just think of ......
 Block count: 386
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Spurdo Statue

So spurdo is from Finland, huh? Very interesting that a character like this is from there ...
 Block count: 91
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Mike Tazercraft Statue

There are famous people all around us or well not famous but a little bit more known than ...
 Block count: 325
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Authenticgames Statue

Authenticgames is a fun Youtube page to look at but trust me, the statue we have here is e...
 Block count: 337
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Jvnq Statue

This is a little bit different statue ... well it is the same but the clothes and the hair...
 Block count: 336
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Snowman Statue

Ah, snowmans, how I love winter. The fluffy snow falling down the sky making all of the ki...
 Block count: 239
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North American Eagle

Eagles are amazing animals, I am not kidding. Even in the spiritual world they have such a...
 Block count: 169
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Jazzghost Statue

Do You know how to be famous? Well, just be like the Jazzghost and upload videos to Youtub...
 Block count: 317
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Cactuar Statue

Have You ever heard the Cactuar language? I heard it is a little bit weird but funny at th...
 Block count: 89
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North American Wolf

Oh how adorable animals are, why can't people be as cute as this wolf here for example? We...
 Block count: 177
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Spengubebu Statue

Well what do we have here? It is the creepy and very unique Spengubebu statue. I wonder h...
 Block count: 85
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Asian Tiger

Why are all the animals so cute? Just look at that tiger here, so dangerous and unpredicta...
 Block count: 206
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