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Author: TSMC
Block count: 1452
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Why not to make a Cauldron? It is a pretty cool and very easy thing to own in Your statue collection. This Cauldron is actually very big and You basically need only one type of clay to build it (a lot of it). So again, why not to try it out? If You are used to building different superheroes and cartoon characters, then this is going to be a good change - something from the real Minecraft game. If You build it, You'll never be thirsty again... just kidding (I am funny, right), but check out these blueprints and start building :)
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Blocks you'll need:

Cyan Stained Clay 1112
Blue Wool 196
Still Water 144
Skill level 1
Object added 09 Sep 2015
Width 16
Height 16
Depth 16
Tags statue, minecraft item, item, cauldron, statue, minecraft item
Block Count 1452
Object materials
Cyan Stained Clay 1112
Blue Wool 196
Still Water 144
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16 Blocks

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