Sightseeing buildings


Small Wizard Tower

Aww, this is such a cute tower! It looks like a house to live in really - so detailed, hom...
 Block count: 788
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Floating Wizard Tower 3

Floating tower with a lot of books inside there ... it makes sense to me now! Doesn't buil...
 Block count: 2909
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Floating Wizard Tower 2

A floating tower? Where are we, Hogwarts? But just imagine living in there ... yeah that w...
 Block count: 4548
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Floating Wizard Tower

A floating tower? It this for real? Oh wow ... it is amazing. See? That is exactly why I l...
 Block count: 859
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Crooked Wizard Tower

Crooked tower ... it reminds me of Fantasy houses because it is so unique and cool looking...
 Block count: 985
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Ragnar's Medieval Watchtower 4

How about owning a watchtower that looks like a real palace? Well here You go ... isn't it...
 Block count: 5118
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Ragnar's Medieval Tower

This tower here makes me miss winter really. The white fluffy snow, snowflakes all around,...
 Block count: 8004
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Ragnar's Medieval Town Hall

Now this town hall is the perfect cover for Your town. Town hall is something that people ...
 Block count: 6436
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Small Medieval Watchtower

Watchtowers are the best really. I mean what is better than climing all the way up, being ...
 Block count: 1151
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Small Medieval Gatehouse

Woah, this is one good gatehouse. Can You see how secured it is but at the same time it is...
 Block count: 3461
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Medieval Small Wall segment

Well, someone is in the middle of building a wall, am I right? Or just looking? Anyway thi...
 Block count: 1123
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Large Medieval Watchtower

If You are looking for a watchtower that can also be a house to live in ... for You or for...
 Block count: 1915
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Large Medieval Gatehouse

Woah, this is a gatehouse for bigger villages, bigger houses and maybe even for one castle...
 Block count: 5583
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Medieval Tall Wall segment

Yeah, building a wall is big job but if You want to do it and You are ready to do it then ...
 Block count: 1799
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Power Substation

This is where the electricity comes from ... isn't it pretty? I am really impressed of how...
 Block count: 9590
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Neolithic Stone Temple 3

What do You think of temples? To be honest I have never been to a real temple before but t...
 Block count: 1002
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