Sightseeing buildings


Archer Tower

Get the blueprints for this archer tower - You can shoot arrows from the top to all the zo...
 Block count: 220
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There are a million ways to die in Minecraft and if there is one must-have building, then ...
 Block count: 3863
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Parking House

I'm sure that by now Your airport is beginning to take shape, am I right? You probably hav...
 Block count: 12918
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Small Hangar

You'll never know when You'll have to protect Yourself and Your plane from the danger. May...
 Block count: 2261
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Air Traffic Control Tower

I don't even want to imagine if airports didn't have an air traffic control tower... It wo...
 Block count: 1570
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Airport Tower and a Radar

If You're wondering what's missing from Your professional airport then don't worry- I've g...
 Block count: 5996
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Three Towers

It's time to switch from building fancy houses to creating massive towers! This building r...
 Block count: 4008
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Ferris Wheel

Look at this huge ferris wheel, doesn't it look awesome? It would be cooler if it could mo...
 Block count: 965
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