Sightseeing buildings


Unfurnished Medieval Tower

Well this is a tower worth building. For a Medieval building, it is really unique. I mean ...
 Block count: 1162
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Unfurnished Fantasy Tower

Well ... this tower is so cool! Can You imagine it with other Fantasy houses and towers? N...
 Block count: 1310
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Tall Medieval Tower

Woah, this tower here is pretty amazing. It is so colorful, detailed and beautiful... it k...
 Block count: 1532
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Fantasy Mine Shaft

Oh this here is a mine shaft? Woah ... it looks so good, like from a fairytale or somethin...
 Block count: 9523
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Medieval Mineshaft

Isn't mineshaft a little bit dangerous? If it is then this one here is pretty well secured...
 Block count: 1386
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Giant Hourglass

This hourglass here should be good for my friend who is never on time. But it is a really ...
 Block count: 1058
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Wizard Tower and Airship 1

And I was thinking where do they keep their airships ... up in the tower! It looks really ...
 Block count: 4838
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Detailed Wooden Tower

Hello all tower lovers! How are You doing? The tower here ... isn't it gorgeous? The desig...
 Block count: 1928
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Archmage Tower

Okay, I am not sure where to watch, this tower here is just so much. Can You choose Your f...
 Block count: 10918
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Overgrown Ancient Temple

Who wouldn't enjoy exploring all kind of different temples? They just look so good and it ...
 Block count: 25285
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Fantasy Wizard Tower

I have always thought that wizard houses are really magical, a little bit scary and small ...
 Block count: 6211
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Wizard Twin Tower

What is better than a tower? You are right, two towers! Like this one here, twin towers .....
 Block count: 5914
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Wizard Tower and Airship 2

Okay this here is future!! Or past, it doesn't matter because it so so cool and amazing. I...
 Block count: 7971
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Unique Wizard Tower

A wizard tower that is unique, to be honest they all are really unique towers to have. But...
 Block count: 1249
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Tower of Magic

This is amazing ... how can one even build a tower like that, even think of it? Magic, lik...
 Block count: 2928
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Small Wizard Tower 2

Towers are my weakness, I am just gonna say it - too cool to resist really. I mean just lo...
 Block count: 1377
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