Sightseeing buildings


Mage Tower Under Construction 1

Oh well this tower here is still a hole ... You can't even say what comes out of it - myst...
 Block count: 955
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Industrial Steampunk Foundry

Are You looking for a really beautiful and interesting factory for casting metal? Because ...
 Block count: 12314
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Oriental Steampunk Tower

Are You ready for a little climbing? I am pretty sure Oriental Steampunk towers do not hav...
 Block count: 2439
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Oriental Steampunk Clock Tower

Wow, this clock tower here is very unique and so beautiful! I was about to say that every ...
 Block count: 6139
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Multi-Storey Car Park

Car parks ... there is always a huge trouble with parking Your car. I mean You want to go ...
 Block count: 8587
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Industrial Silo

Woah, this silo here is huge! You could feed a whole village with that amount of grain and...
 Block count: 1722
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Decorative Gateway

Well this is decorative for sure, I don't think I have ever seen a gateway that amazing. I...
 Block count: 630
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Temple of the Blacksmith

Oh wow ... I had no idea there is a temple like this somewhere in the world. It is like a ...
 Block count: 1314
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Greek Temple Under Construction

Well this is something You do not see every day or what do You think? A huge temple under ...
 Block count: 1944
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Greek Temple 3

Woah, this here is a serious temple and by serious I mean huge. There are so many differen...
 Block count: 19982
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Greek Temple 2

Oh how I wish I would be able to see this temple here with my own eyes. Greek temples are ...
 Block count: 4268
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Greek Temple 1

A greek temple for You ... what do You think You can do with it? I wonder what was inside ...
 Block count: 28715
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Greek Amphitheatre

Now this is something that seriously is a must have in Greek - the Amphitheatre! Can You i...
 Block count: 4846
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Adacia Watchtower 1

Well ... a watchtower like this will work just well. I mean whatever You need to use it fo...
 Block count: 506
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Adacia Watchtower 2

I just came from a watchtower and it was really scary. The watchtower was so tall and up t...
 Block count: 400
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Unfurnished Fantasy Tower 2

Well this tower here really cute, right_ Just look at it and You will love it for sure. Th...
 Block count: 1734
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