Sightseeing buildings


World of Warcraft Human Wizard Tower

This Tower here looks like from some kind of cartoon, don't You think so? The blue pointy ...
 Block count: 1040
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Medieval Community Alchemist Tower

Do You have any idea, how much I love towers? They are just so cool buildings and the view...
 Block count: 3600
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Elven Town Tower

If this Tower here doesn't look like a Christmas tree, then I I don't know anymore .... J...
 Block count: 2851
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Elven Town Sawmill

So Your town needs a sawmill? You are in the right place, this fancy sawmill here looks be...
 Block count: 2546
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Medieval Fantasy Alchemist's Tower

Okay, this is my new favorite tower, it is so beautiful. The design is amazing, and the gl...
 Block count: 1423
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Long Town Hall

I have never been inside our Town hall but I feel like I've missed out a lot if it looks l...
 Block count: 4948
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Western Water Tower

Let me introduce You to a water tower in western style. It is dark brown and tbh it looks ...
 Block count: 715
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Rustic Town Watchtower

Watchtowers, I love them cause You can climb up the stairs and after some intense workout ...
 Block count: 1697
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Nordic Town Center

Grabcraft never runs out of awesome blueprints. Here's another cool build that would fit a...
 Block count: 158
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Roman City Temple

I'd really love to visit some temples, but unfortunately I have only seen them at the movi...
 Block count: 2652
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Roman Aquaduct

To be honest I haven't seen many Aquaduckts before, why don't people build more of these?...
 Block count: 320
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Roman Shrine

If You already have a Roman city or even if You don't then You might need a little shrine,...
 Block count: 461
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Random Military Stuff

The thing with random military stuff always is that You may NEVER know when or where or wh...
 Block count: 311
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Military Base Fence Wall

You may have the most awesome military base ever built but if You don't have a fence prote...
 Block count: 36
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Random Military Stuff 2

Random military stuff truly is random BUT maybe You'll find it necessary one day. This mod...
 Block count: 51
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Military Base Wall

Every military base needs a protective wall to surround the area. If You're lacking ideas ...
 Block count: 237
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