Sightseeing buildings


Typical American Apartment Building Block 4

I just love American apartment building blocks, they look so cool and convenient really. J...
 Block count: 10996
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Typical American Apartment Building 1

Aren't houses like this just adorable? I have never been to America but I assume these are...
 Block count: 3189
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Trump Inernational Hotel, New York

Woah, can You imagine sleeping in a hotel like this? It is so tall and is it made of glass...
 Block count: 31300
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Luxury American Building Block 1

Why live in a casual block when You can easily build a luxury building block and live ther...
 Block count: 32774
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Classy City Building 6

Who doesn't love classy houses like this ... it would be an honor to live or work in a hou...
 Block count: 11871
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Two International Finance Centre, Hong Kong

Where does all the money go? Ask someone good at finance. I guess You can find someone fro...
 Block count: 38815
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310 Michigan Avenue, Chicago

The Metropolitan Tower. A grandiose sightseeing for everyone who's visiting Chicago. You c...
 Block count: 11329
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Torre Caja, Madrid

Are You ready for experiencing Spanish temper? Here's something from the city of Madrid. A...
 Block count: 46415
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Modern Sightseeing Highrise Building

If You are not afraid of heights then check out this highrise building here, isn't it gorg...
 Block count: 9784
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Haussmannian Building 2

What do You think of Haussmann's? Aren't they just the most gorgeous houses ever? They are...
 Block count: 10962
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Haussmannian Building 1

Oooh Paris, can't get enough from Your architecture! This Haussmannian building's one of t...
 Block count: 8308
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Sightseeing Brick Building

I don't know why but every time I look at a brick building I think of the past and the his...
 Block count: 14165
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OCBC Bank, Singapore

How awesome it would be to be the owner of a world wide bank? I can only imagine how much ...
 Block count: 31936
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Modern Sightseeing Building 1

How about this Modern Sightseeing building over here, doesn't it look amazing? If You have...
 Block count: 15619
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Maybank Tower, Singapore

Have You ever been to Singapore before? If You have then isn't this Maybank tower here pre...
 Block count: 16415
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Notre-Dame, Paris

Paris never stops to surprising us with it's amazing monuments. This time I'm showing You ...
 Block count: 42175
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