Sightseeing buildings


Arc de Triomphe, Paris

We all know that Paris is the city of love... So romantic! And we also know that there're ...
 Block count: 11957
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Two Logan Square, Philadelphia

Meet the world famous Two Logan Square in Philadelphia! It's a highrise office building lo...
 Block count: 32916
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The Wall Building

Welcome to New York, mate! That's the city of dreams, isn't it? Here's a build that You mi...
 Block count: 10261
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St Louis Arch, St Louis

St Louis Arch, more known as Gateway Arch is a world famous sightseeing in St Louis. This ...
 Block count: 9263
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Small Sightseeing Building 3

Sometimes experimenting with different styles pays off and this time we can also admit tha...
 Block count: 6041
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Small Sightseeing Building 2

You have no idea what to build next? If modern city buildings are Your thing then check th...
 Block count: 11530
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Small Sightseeing Building 1

Collection sightseeings? Here's a quick and easy piece for You to add to Your collection. ...
 Block count: 5558
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Saint Basil's Cathedral, Moscow

This building is a serious candidate for the most colorful church in the whole history. Li...
 Block count: 18815
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One Liberty Building, Philadelphia

In Liberty Place You can find 2 skyscrapers, a shopping mall and a hotel. This time I'm in...
 Block count: 41185
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Tour du CN, Toronto

You've seen it from the movies, heard about if on the news. Yeap, that's the nutorious Tou...
 Block count: 16864
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Seashore Town Hall

Town halls could be boring as hell but believe me- this one's here is even better than som...
 Block count: 6377
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Sandstone Lighthouse

Well, well, well... looks like we have a high-toned lighthouse over here. And it's made ou...
 Block count: 2912
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Sacré-Coeur Church, CA

There should be a church in every town and in every village, don't You think so? It doesn'...
 Block count: 8878
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Renaissance Center, Detroit

Renaissance Center is a complex of fabulous skyscrapers located in Detroit, USA. From the ...
 Block count: 35581
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Queen Victoria Building, Sydney

Want a little taste of Sydney? If You're up for it then I can promise You even a bit more ...
 Block count: 9023
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Place Des Vosges, Paris

If You're one of those crazy minecrafters who's building his butt off to recreate the city...
 Block count: 24215
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