Sightseeing buildings


Victorian Town Building 3

Have You seen "Friends" because this Victorian building really reminds me of their house, ...
 Block count: 2336
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Victorian Town Building 2

Okay, this house is pretty cool. This here is a great way how to make money tho ... just m...
 Block count: 2827
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Victorian Town Building 1

Now this house here would be sold out in just few hours in LA, I am pretty sure of that. I...
 Block count: 1359
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Big Steampunk Crane

Okay, woah! This is a crane? It is like a house that can move and lift stuff, really heavy...
 Block count: 2451
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Fantasy Town Hall

A town hall? More like a library because did You see how many books there are? I don't kno...
 Block count: 15832
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Fantasy Tall Watchtower

Is that a ... is this really a watchtower? That seriously looks like art, especially the t...
 Block count: 522
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Fantasy Small Arena

Arena, this is the place for all the cool tournaments and even for movies. Have You ever b...
 Block count: 2329
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Fantasy Pylon

Yeah, that's not a typical pylon. Not a boring pylon tower that we're used to see nowadays...
 Block count: 1973
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Fantasy Hut Tower

Get ready to meet the coolest hut tower in the world! This fantasy hut tower right here is...
 Block count: 1177
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Medieval Tower Barracks

That's so cool, You've got to see this! It's just funny how this tower may look like a reg...
 Block count: 834
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Arabic Desert Tower

Must catch all the bad guys sneaking in to the town. But first You've got to detect them! ...
 Block count: 347
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Medieval Wizzard Tower

So You've been wondering what was the creepiest place back in the Middle Ages... I guess a...
 Block count: 2102
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Fantasy Hobbit Tower

Got all those wonderful fantasy hobbit houses, eh? Now it's time for another unique build ...
 Block count: 1162
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Orc Lava Pit

Holy cannoli... You've got to see this! An actual Orc lava pit is right here! And yes, You...
 Block count: 1118
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Fantasy World Tower

That's right. There's really nothing spectacular or extraordinary about this build but hey...
 Block count: 415
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Medieval Blacksmith Tower

This is my new favorite tower, seriously. Just look how detailed and pretty it is. I have ...
 Block count: 2257
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