Sightseeing buildings


Desert Village Tower 2

Interesting, this tower here is really interesting, right? I have always loved desert buil...
 Block count: 350
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Desert Village Tower

No matter if You're in a modern or medieval or desert style village, at least one giant to...
 Block count: 547
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Medieval World Town Gate

Town gate reflects what is really going on inside the town. If Your medieval town is full ...
 Block count: 1381
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Medieval World Guard Tower 2

Guard towers are amazing if You don't feel very safe in Your town or just need to keep an ...
 Block count: 649
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Medieval World Guard Tower

Fine guard needs a fine guard tower. And knowing that You should pick the best possible gu...
 Block count: 659
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Medieval Kingdom Clocktower

Why does this clocktower here remind me of a fairy tale buildings? Maybe because of the de...
 Block count: 3366
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Medieval Colonial Tower House

This is getting interesting, I mean have You ever seen a house like this here? If You thou...
 Block count: 2839
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Medieval Colonial Lighthouse

WOW! That's absolutely phenomenal. This model takes the meaning of a lighthouse to a whole...
 Block count: 2104
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Detailed Fantasy Lighthouse

Don't You sometimes find Yourself wondering how on Earth do simple builds looks so heavenl...
 Block count: 2252
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Tall Medieval Watchtower

There's never enough of watchtowers in a medieval city. That's a definite NO. There's just...
 Block count: 2049
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Nordic City Wall and Tower

Great structure! Nice work, mr docteudread! He has managed to bring us a whole collection ...
 Block count: 5034
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Nordic City Wall

Like everything in nordic style, even a city wall should keep up with the nordic standards...
 Block count: 944
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Nordic City Tower

Now this is an amazing tower, it looks so spiky and strong. I especially like the roof of ...
 Block count: 1640
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Medieval Town Tower 4

Medieval town needs a tower. Or two. Or three. I would even say that a tower a day would k...
 Block count: 917
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Medieval Town Tower 3

Okay, so I hope You like towers because if You don't then there are only two possibilities...
 Block count: 1097
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Medieval Town Tower 2

How many different designs can a medieval town tower have!? I guess there's no answer to i...
 Block count: 1111
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