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Tardis Statue

We have amazing plans for Your Minecraft world, I present You - the Doctor Who time machi...
 Block count: 4724
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Snapchat Logo

It's a simple blueprint of a Snapchat logo that can be used in Minecraft world - You could...
 Block count: 564
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Bed Statue

Have You ever dreamed of having a giant bed? You may not build one for Your own, 'cause it...
 Block count: 1494
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Emerald Statue

This emerald statue looks almost like an emerald. Emerald is emerald, right? What more can...
 Block count: 198
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Eye of Ender Statue

This simple blueprint of the Eye of Ender is very hypnosing. You should make two of those ...
 Block count: 210
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Red Barn (Version 1)

A big red barn - You can bring Your cattle in it or just make a cattle of zombies and spid...
 Block count: 3979
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Simple Continuous Asphalt Road

Ahh.. the roads! All roads take you to Rome! But not this one. Unless you build the Rome. ...
 Block count: 270
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Panda Statue

Look at this cute little panda and how he is standing there with a crooked smile on his fa...
 Block count: 1022
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Spider Statue

It doesn’t look scary at all, right? It is totally still, just standing there. . . Ok, who...
 Block count: 1284
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Witch Statue

This guy here looks pretty awesome. This witch even has a pointy black hat, a huge nose an...
 Block count: 1388
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Flash Statue

He looks relaxed but tired, am I right? - I believe he is not going to run anywhere today...
 Block count: 998
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I bet in some point in Your life You have thought about having Your own Pikachu. Build thi...
 Block count: 838
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Wooden Door

That door is very pretty, it kind of reminds me of my summer cottage door and that brings ...
 Block count: 496
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Wonder Woman Statue

This one is kind of a funny statue, don't You think? She doesn't really look like her, but...
 Block count: 1082
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Steve Statue

I wonder how many Steves there is out there? I mean how many people named Steve and how ma...
 Block count: 1016
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Enderman Statue

Enderman is most probably my favourite Minecraft creature - with it's hypnotic eyes and ab...
 Block count: 944
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