Emerald Statue

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Author: TSMC
Block count: 198
Views: 5857

This emerald statue looks almost like an emerald. Emerald is emerald, right? What more can I say? Oh, right, check the blueprints, there is two rows - if You want it to be more effective build both - if not, one is enough... Instead of mining, build this one in to Your world. All the villagers will come to You to trade - no searching for them anymore, but please don't blame my imagination if it doesn't happen.
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Blocks you'll need:

Green Wool 72
Lime Wool 64
Black Wool 32
White Wool 30
Skill level 1
Object added 03 Sep 2015
Width 11
Height 14
Depth 2
Tags statue, minecraft item, item, emerald, gem, statue, minecraft item
Block Count 198
Object materials
Green Wool 72
Lime Wool 64
Black Wool 32
White Wool 30
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