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Diamond Chestplate

What's a diamond helmet without the rest of the armor worth? You get an arrow to Your ches...
 Block count: 132
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Diamond Axe

Ofcourse a diamond axe - how could You build a statue of a pickaxe but not an axe. And You...
 Block count: 60
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Looks very similar to a shovel statue, especially if You want to build a stone shovel. But...
 Block count: 38
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Android Logo

This will be a perfect addition to Your logo statue collection, this green guy will be no...
 Block count: 1164
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Minecraft Logo

This could be over Your Minecraft worlds entrance - You know the one where You have all th...
 Block count: 1032
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Diamond Pickaxe

And another diamond tool, have You finished building the armor yet? Oh, I think that's cle...
 Block count: 68
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No, it's not the iApple You though about, it's the Minecraft apple. Though we have bluepri...
 Block count: 116
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Diamond Helmet

Well, it's a helmet. A statue of a helmet. A diamond helmet. If You are the biggest fan of...
 Block count: 78
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Diamond Shovel

Gather up all the Minecraft stuff - the tools, the creatures and the blocks. This one is ...
 Block count: 58
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Ewok Statue

As a true fan of Star Wars You should know that Ewok is kind of an ugly-looking bear-like ...
 Block count: 406
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Bat-Man Statue

The Bat-Man statue in all of his glory. His costume looks cool even in pixel art – the bat...
 Block count: 952
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Snow Golem Statue

This statue is seriously awesome. Look at its creepy face and its cool thin hands. Snowman...
 Block count: 3097
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Skeleton Statue

This Skeleton looks fancy and is perfect for Halloween or any other scary night. You can s...
 Block count: 632
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Villager Statue

As a Minecraft player I believe you know who this guy is, am I right? It's an easy statue ...
 Block count: 1248
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Creeper Statue

Sssss..... Thisss creeper statue is going to explode! And I mean, creeper with its size ca...
 Block count: 812
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Poop Emoji

Well... Uum... I don't even know what to say about this statue... It's a statue of a poop,...
 Block count: 529
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