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Blitzwinger Statue

Some of us call him the best Youtuber of all times... what an honor! A gamer like Blitzwin...
 Block count: 996
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Miniature House

This is a tiny beautiful house for You. Easy to build and doesn't take too much time. I re...
 Block count: 559
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LionMaker Studios Statue

Who is this big and furry kitty? It's the famous LionMaker! If You are a fan of Youtubers ...
 Block count: 1046
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Brick House 12

Now this is what I call a brick house, it looks seriously amazing and it is huge. The firs...
 Block count: 2746
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Brick House 6

This brick house is huuuuge! It looks like some sort of a scary mansion, where noone dares...
 Block count: 6511
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Ultra Ball

Master Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball... so many great Poke Balls to build! The Ultra Ball h...
 Block count: 256
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Hulk Pixel Art

Ooh, I can almost feel the power of Hulk's muscles just by looking at his statue... Kinda ...
 Block count: 327
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Flash Pixel Art

This cute 8-bit Flash statue is looking pretty mean, to be honest. His white eyes are cre...
 Block count: 333
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Quartz House 8

This is a small Quartz house - and if I say small then this is seriously tiny house. But t...
 Block count: 1245
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Wooden House 5

I present You one of my favourite wooden houses. This house isn't very easy to build, but ...
 Block count: 1594
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Iron Man Pixel Art

Say hi to Your soon-to-be favourite 8-bit character- the Iron Man! You must admit, that he...
 Block count: 339
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Great Ball

The Poke balls are not less important than the regular Pokemon characters! The Great Ball ...
 Block count: 267
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Miniature House 2

This house is not a typical modern house You're used to building. It's less functional and...
 Block count: 736
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Bat-Man Pixel Art

This BatMan here doesn't look like the original BatMan. He doesn't stand like a statue, bu...
 Block count: 384
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Suburban House 1

It doesn't matter whether You're familiar with all the types of houses in Minecraft or You...
 Block count: 1267
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Heart Eyes Emoji

Emoji with heart eyes... he must be in love! In love with another emoji? Or a minecrafter?...
 Block count: 725
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