Imperial Bank

I am not used seeing imperial buildings, they are all so fancy and big and so beautiful. B...
 Block count: 31388
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Botanical Garden

Do You like visiting Botanical Gardens? Because I really do, it is always so beautiful and...
 Block count: 12238
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Destroyed House

Imagine walking around Your new neighborhood and seeing a house like that? Wouldn't it be ...
 Block count: 24399
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Live Giarratana: Apartment Skyscraper

Now this is what I call a Skyscraper, just look at it. It is so huge and amazing. It looks...
 Block count: 45651
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Plantation Mansion

If a while ago You started with minecrafting little houses and other easy minecraft stuff ...
 Block count: 52086
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Big Victorian House

You're gonna love it, I promise! This house is a one of a kind piece of art that would bri...
 Block count: 13584
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Camp House & Camp Fire

This summer I'm going camping - take a lot of marshmallows and sit around the fire talking...
 Block count: 1329
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Christmas House

Say YES to the most exciting time of the year... for the whole year around! This little Ch...
 Block count: 4416
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Asian House

Wanna spice Your Minecraft World up with some asian vibes? Welcome to the very right place...
 Block count: 1298
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Floating Island

A freaking floating island!? You've got to be kidding me, haha! That's brilliant! Cheers t...
 Block count: 8070
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Medieval Woodmill

Now this Woodmill is looking awesome. Look how detailed and cute it looks, I bet the perso...
 Block count: 7413
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Medieval Foundry

Foundry? What is that? Comes out that it's a factory that produces metal castings. Sound q...
 Block count: 11276
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Medieval Shipyard

Where are all the greatest ships made? In the shipyard of course! If You're thinking about...
 Block count: 4564
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Evil Base

I wonder what kind of creature could live in there... This castle truly has an evil look a...
 Block count: 12329
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Victorian House

This is the house I love, just look at it. It's been long since I saw a house like that. T...
 Block count: 3355
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Ranch House

I love this house, look how beautiful and quiet it looks. I love the brown color and the r...
 Block count: 4026
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