Corsair Water House

Life on water ... it seems to be pretty scary to me, maybe cause I can't swim? But if You ...
 Block count: 906
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Unfurnished Woodsmith House

So, how about an easy jet cozy and cute Woodsmith house? Doesn't it look cute and adorable...
 Block count: 771
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Luxurious Classical Mansion

Have You ever thought of living in a mansion? I actually haven't cause it is huge and I'm ...
 Block count: 7536
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Small Sandstone Workshop

This is the reason why I love sandstone, just look at this house, it looks amazing, very u...
 Block count: 351
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Small Sandstone Blacksmith Workshop

Workshop buildings are always so appealing! Like, You can discover something new, learn a ...
 Block count: 273
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Simple Unfurnished Sandstone House

Wow ... how can sandstone be so,cool? I am loving the color of this house. This house here...
 Block count: 369
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Modern Blacksmith Shop

Welcome to the blacksmith shop! In this shop You can buy items on sale or place any sort o...
 Block count: 1474
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Blacksmiths Shop and Apartment

Blacksmiths know exactly what's behind the meaning of hard work. That's what they do all d...
 Block count: 905
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Lifeguard House

I believe almost every beach has one of these houses, am I right? A house to the person wh...
 Block count: 229
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Small Seashore House 2

A little blue seashore house right on the seashore. But what for? For example, You can put...
 Block count: 264
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Desert Home

That house would look pretty invisible in desert, don't You think? Yea, what ever, the mos...
 Block count: 1183
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Mountainside House

Oooh, that's truly a fun house! Goosh, just look at it! You can use the stairs to get up ...
 Block count: 2954
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Desert House

A lot of effort has been made to make this house fit perfectly to a desert. And the result...
 Block count: 1822
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Imperial Small Auditorium

How about giving a little speech in this Imperial auditorium? I have to say that this audi...
 Block count: 9327
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Imperial Institute of Good Taste

I am growing to like these kind of huge houses. Just look at it how big it is ... how many...
 Block count: 36199
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Imperial Post Office

I love getting mail, don't You? It is far more interesting than having an e-mail or am I t...
 Block count: 24560
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