Skyrim Town House 2

A pretty simple yet elegant Skyrim town house for You. The brown colors and the stone part...
 Block count: 865
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Skyrim Town House 1

Now this town house here looks awesome! Look at that green roof, I am seriously loving the...
 Block count: 989
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Skyrim Peasant's Hut

This Peasant's hut looks like a huge hay bale from up. I mean the color of this hut is exa...
 Block count: 189
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Skyrim Farm House

Farm houses are always so cute for me, always so comfy, cozy and small, don't You think so...
 Block count: 434
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Elven Town Small House 2

Say whaaaat!? Seems like this house is made of sugar. Or it's a gingerbread house. Or any ...
 Block count: 1017
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Elven Town Big House 2

Not sure what it's exactly reminding me but certainly something from cartoons or fantasy m...
 Block count: 1819
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Skyrim Small Farm House

You've got to check this thing out. It's supposed to be a small farm house but man, look h...
 Block count: 384
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Elven Town Small House 1

Small, cute and absolutely fantastic elven town house. A perfect match for an adventurous ...
 Block count: 918
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Elven Town House 1

Another amazing house from a fabulous elven style building bundle. Pilsbaas really knows h...
 Block count: 1770
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Elven Town Big House 1

From the elven style building bundle You can also find this tall and crazy model. Like WOW...
 Block count: 1856
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Medieval Fantasy Water Wheel

People are living in a Water Wheel? I thought it was just a job place, but apparently I wa...
 Block count: 1893
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Medieval Fantasy Tower House

I seriously love tower houses, it feels like living in a castle and being seriously rich o...
 Block count: 1773
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Medieval Fantasy Gate House

If You are looking for a really unique and special house then I am sure You are going to l...
 Block count: 2020
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Skyrim Nordic Temple of Kynareth

Nordic temples, they are pretty different from other temples, right? I really like how hom...
 Block count: 2353
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Skyrim Nordic Jarls Longhouse

This Longhouse here looks so perfect. Just look how straight the roof is and every angle o...
 Block count: 2300
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Skyrim Nordic House

Great to see that Niix24 has added such a fun house to his building bundle. It looks like ...
 Block count: 1768
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