Roman Bath House

How about building Yourself a Roman bath house? A cool and unique place to go with Your fr...
 Block count: 2064
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Medieval Settlement Wall Corner

Jump into the awesome medieval theme (if You haven't yet) and feel the ancient style becom...
 Block count: 93
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Jungle Hideout Posts

Oh sweet jungle, You're gonna love the next model! As we all know, having a good hiding pl...
 Block count: 637
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Jungle Butcher House

This Minecraft model is definitely not meant for softies. Or for vegetarians. Because it's...
 Block count: 892
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Jungle Archery Range

If You going to live in a jungle, You need to protect Yourself from wild animals and all k...
 Block count: 752
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Medieval Settlement Watchtower

Need a watchtower but don't want it to make You feel like a creeper? Here's one suitable p...
 Block count: 370
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Medieval Settlement Wall Segment

A wall can never be underrated. What if some strangers want to come for a visit? Or if You...
 Block count: 81
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Medieval Settlement Gatehouse

We all know that there's no room for strangers in this medieval town. No exceptions! But t...
 Block count: 263
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Jungle Shaman Hut

A jungle wouldn't be a real jungle without a perfect shaman, am I right? The one person Yo...
 Block count: 1024
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Jungle Palace

Palace in the jungle, well there You really are a king or queen of the forest if we don't ...
 Block count: 1573
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Jungle House 3

I love the Jungle, well I have never been there but it seems like a cool place to go in th...
 Block count: 465
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Jungle House 2

This jungle house here looks so cool, did You already see the bookcase doorframe and the i...
 Block count: 380
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Jungle House 1

It is really warm in the jungle, am I right? This is why this house here is so opened, so ...
 Block count: 518
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Jungle Fishermnas Hut

wow, just wow. This fisherman's hut here is amazing. Just look how cozy and unique it look...
 Block count: 2314
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Jungle Farm House

Deep deep jungle needs a cool cool farm house. Here's one awesome build for You! If You lo...
 Block count: 1687
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Simple House w Basement

Houses, houses, houses. Soooo, what's so special about this one? May look like an odd surv...
 Block count: 1764
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