Small Elven House

Wow ... is this a house? It looks like a cute mushroom, especially the grey roof and the b...
 Block count: 312
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Boat House 2

Tavern design bundle has a rather funny model and yes, I'm talking about this build right ...
 Block count: 1774
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Boat House 1

So what do You think of a boat house that has a close design to a tavern? Looks pretty goo...
 Block count: 1046
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Western General Store

I want to own a store, no kidding, can You imagine how cool would it be to be the owner of...
 Block count: 952
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Western Train Station

I love travelling with train, it just feels so good to sit there and look out of the windo...
 Block count: 1806
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Western Saloon

A saloon in western style... That's something every western-styled movie has in it. And no...
 Block count: 2780
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Western Jail

Something for western style lovers! Here's a super small jail to keep just some of the bad...
 Block count: 1385
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Western Gun Store and Shooting Range

Have You ever been to a shooting range before? If You have then I bet You loved it, walkin...
 Block count: 1590
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Western Bank

Drowning in money? Got loads of cash around the house and don't know what to do with it? T...
 Block count: 1564
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Western Apothecary

Wow! Ever seen a western style apothecary before? Here's one pretty legit copy of a real o...
 Block count: 1434
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Desert Oasis House 4

House in a desert, how does that sound to You? Isn't there the perfect weather - sun shine...
 Block count: 987
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Desert Oasis House 6

Hot-hot-hot! That's what a proper desert is about. To make it a bit "cooler", try building...
 Block count: 901
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Desert Oasis House 5

Again there's so much going on that I can't really focus on anything, lol. Unusual desert ...
 Block count: 961
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Desert Oasis House 3

Decorated, furnished and fully surfaced. What else would You ask from a great model? This ...
 Block count: 832
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Desert Oasis House 2

I seriously don't know what to think of this one. It's a wild mixture of creepy, weird, pr...
 Block count: 1015
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Desert Oasis House 1

Have You ever thought about living in a desert? I haven't, it is too hot in there, I'm mor...
 Block count: 1711
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