Fantasy Elven Marketplace

Can't really tell by looking at it that it's a marketplace. Looks like a regular elven hou...
 Block count: 7710
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Fantasy Elven Large House 3

What do You think of Elven houses? If You love them as much as I do then this house here i...
 Block count: 3723
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Fantasy Elven Large House 2

Whoo, that's waaay too variegated for my eyes! But if You try to center Your focus on each...
 Block count: 3266
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Fantasy Elven Farmhouse

Welcome to a fairy-tale, buddy! Dr_Bond has managed to come up with an absolutely genius c...
 Block count: 7097
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Desert Themed Hobbit House 4

Who said that only normal sized people can own a house in the middle of desert? I guess no...
 Block count: 3982
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Desert Clay House 3

A house without proper windows and comfy interior- why should anyone want to minecraft som...
 Block count: 920
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Desert Bedouin Hut

That's the simplest hut You may ever find in a desert. And I'm damn serious. But let's be ...
 Block count: 262
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Fantasy Elven Unfurnished Bookstore

I love bookstores but now I love them even more, if the bookstores I go to would look like...
 Block count: 1937
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Fantasy Elven Large House

If You are looking for a big but adorable house that looks like a hut then I welcome You. ...
 Block count: 4245
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Fantasy Elven Dark Oak Tavern

Am I dreaming? Somebody pinch me ... this is gorgeous! Wow, it is so dark and the huge tr...
 Block count: 9110
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Desert Unfurnished Treehouse

This desert treehouse here is pretty much invisible, perfect for a quiet treehouse where Y...
 Block count: 2364
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Desert Marketplace Stand

I guess there are a lot of people living in the desert if there is even a marketplace stan...
 Block count: 340
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Desert Clay House 6

Clay is really good material for building, am I right? It keeps warmth and coldness very w...
 Block count: 565
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Small Desert Hut

If You are looking for a tiny hut that will look perfect in the warmth and dry desert then...
 Block count: 198
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Fantasy Nordic Blacksmith

Blacksmiths ... what would we do without them? I mean they do the most perfect tools, don'...
 Block count: 4039
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Desert Sandstone Villa 2

Tired of heavy traffic and busy lifestyle in a big city? Move to desert! Did You know that...
 Block count: 718
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