Fictional Characters


Wither Statue

Have You ever spawned Withers? It is a pretty hard work and it takes some time ... I feel ...
 Block count: 95
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Small Zombie Statue

It is Halloween soon, so all the zombie statues are so famous right now. If You want to sc...
 Block count: 46
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Small Witch Statue

Have You ever tried to kill a witch? It is harder than You would expect, so it is smart to...
 Block count: 94
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Husk Statue

Do You know what is around the corner? Yes, it is Halloween and You know what it means, ri...
 Block count: 46
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Small Guardian Statue

A small guardian statue ... isn't it weird to see it in the dry land? Guardians usually li...
 Block count: 38
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Sanic Statue

Sanic is a true Youtube meme and it has been it for ages already. But the statue we have h...
 Block count: 102
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Pepe Statue

This ... I have no words anymore, a Pepe statue? This is just perfect if You are a really ...
 Block count: 91
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Magma Cube Statue

Have You ever seen a Magma cube hopping around? That would be a pretty cool thing to see ....
 Block count: 120
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Small Ghast Statue

Ugh Ghasts ... they always creep me out with their weird eyes and cute little floating leg...
 Block count: 135
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Blinky Statue

Aww this is such an adorable statue. Blinky is even more adorable than it actually is and ...
 Block count: 169
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Elder Guardian Statue

The Elder guardian ... it is an amazing thing to own but at the same time a really bad thi...
 Block count: 99
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Small Villager Statue

Well this is exactly like the real villager, how is that possible? Well, whoever built it ...
 Block count: 64
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Shulker Statue

Shulkers are just another introverts, trying to blend in with the surrounding, so they are...
 Block count: 101
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Minotaur Statue

People love Greek mythology, right? It is just so interesting thing to learn about and to ...
 Block count: 51
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Dwarf Statue

Have You ever seen a better dwarf statue? This is just adorable, look at his small cute ha...
 Block count: 70
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Iron Golem Statue

The Mob here will defend You forever, this is what they are for but is it just me or they ...
 Block count: 146
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