Fictional Characters


Emmet Statue (The Lego Movie)

Meet the main protagonist of the Lego movie, Emmet who looks somehow very realistic. Just...
 Block count: 1141
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Black Widow Statue (The Avengers)

Well who doesn't wanna have one of the best spies and assassins in the world in Your own s...
 Block count: 1052
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Bilbo Statue (The Hobbit)

Is that little guy really Bilbo Baggins? I looove him! That's just awesome how similar the...
 Block count: 1052
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Agent Coulson Statue (The Avengers)

How about building a long-serving field agent working for S.H.I.E.L.D. in Your Minecraft? ...
 Block count: 1008
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Green Lantern Statue

Green is not the most common color on superheros. Is that what makes Green Lantern so spec...
 Block count: 984
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Mooshrom Man Statue

Oooh it's the Mooshrom Man from the Mooshrom Men video games! He has got a weird appearanc...
 Block count: 1003
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Warrior Statue

Wow ... this statue is looking just amazing. I am not a person who likes to look at statu...
 Block count: 417
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Ash Statue

There can never be enough of cool guys in Minecraft. It's just impossible. So here's anoth...
 Block count: 1102
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Dragon Statue 2

Is dragon a monster? Weeeellll, theoretically yes but if You imagine a monster in Your hea...
 Block count: 1274
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Ghast Statue

This Ghast here looks really realistic, I'd even say identical, only bigger than the real ...
 Block count: 1660
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Wither Boss

What's up minecrafters!? You better check this guy out! Wither Boss really does look like ...
 Block count: 896
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Dragon Statue 1

With no mouth or eyes, this dragon still looks remarkably cool. He reminds me a bit of an ...
 Block count: 330
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Steve Anatomy Statue

If You're looking for something to add to Your statue collection, then this one here is pr...
 Block count: 898
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Santa Statue

Ho-Ho-Ho! Have You been a good kid this year? I hope You have because Christmas came earl...
 Block count: 1009
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Captain America Statue

The unbreakable, immortal superhero Captain America is someone who should appear in Your M...
 Block count: 1072
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Super Mario Mushroom Statue

Look at this Mushroom statue - isn't it awesome? It looks like the real mushroom so i gues...
 Block count: 744
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