Fictional Characters


Small Spider Statue

Now this is a statue a lot of people would love and even more people would hate it but it ...
 Block count: 62
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Small Skeleton Statue

Oh this is adorable ... I don't know if it should be scary or? But it is so cute. It remin...
 Block count: 50
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Small Creeper Statue

I am not sure if having a creeper statue is a brilliant or really stupid idea. Because wel...
 Block count: 44
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Little Maid Statue

I think this is the most adorable maid I have ever seen in Minecraft. Just look at these d...
 Block count: 79
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Financial Steve Statue

Is this the guy who will make us rich or poor? Well he sure seems to be rich because how h...
 Block count: 45
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Small Knight Statue

It doesn't matter if the statue is huge or small, what matters is the knowledge and beauty...
 Block count: 80
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Little Nurse Statue

Woah, this nurse really looks ... different. It is adorable and really colorful tho. I wis...
 Block count: 91
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Zombie Villager Statue

Oh this statue here is rather interesting. Can You imagine it in the town or oh, in the fo...
 Block count: 57
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Cowboy Steve Statue

Heh, Steve is looking rather good today, don't You think so? I think he is a bit smaller t...
 Block count: 99
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Blocktezuma Statue

Well ... the Blocktezuma we are seeing here is actually a sun! Well not exactly but doesn'...
 Block count: 65
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Zombie Pigman Statue

This character is one of the most interesting ones in the world of Minecraft .. I think so...
 Block count: 55
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Squid Statue

I fell for a Squid ... this is just stupidly adorable. The tiny squid legs are so cute, th...
 Block count: 60
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Small Enderman Statue

Enderman ... am I the only one who thinks they are kind of cute? I love the color black an...
 Block count: 63
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Forest Golem

Holy macaroni! That creature right here has literally no chill. Anyone got a chill pill fo...
 Block count: 2076
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Zombie Apocalypse Giant

Ever seen a zombie before? No? Here's one for You. A rather big one to scare You to death....
 Block count: 973
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Pharaon Statue

I've got a real goody to all the Egyptian mythology fans! Here's the notorious Pharaon in ...
 Block count: 4949
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