Fictional Characters


Anubis - God of the Dead Statue

Do You know all Egyptian gods and goddesses? This black and golden one here is Anubis, the...
 Block count: 2632
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Osiris Statue

Do You feel a little bit smaller under the statue of god of the dead and underworld? Well ...
 Block count: 4807
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Isis Statue

When You need better health and more wisdom then I hope Isis, the Egyptian goddess can hel...
 Block count: 7243
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Egyptian Queen Statue

I remember when I first learn about Egypt then I really wanted to become an Egyptian queen...
 Block count: 4750
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Anubis Statue

The god of death and afterlife ... what do You think of him? Doesn't he look amazing? To b...
 Block count: 5111
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White Queen

Always flawless White Queen with red lips and sparkling crown... How come is she always so...
 Block count: 2007
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King Thorn

Remember this movie character? King Thorn knows how to rule. He's an actual master in it. ...
 Block count: 1771
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Anubis - God of the Dead

Movie characters have finally found their way to Minecraft. Actually, this enormous build ...
 Block count: 2632
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Katniss Everdeen Statue (Hunger Games)

Let me introduce You to Katniss from District 12. The girl who survived the Hunger games. ...
 Block count: 1111
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Statue

Meet the king of my childhood, the ninja turtles. Since this turtle here wears a blue mask...
 Block count: 1168
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Korra Statue (The Legend of Korra)

Who is Your favorite character from the legend of Korra? I hope it is Korra herself becaus...
 Block count: 1070
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Goku Statue

Have You ever seen Goku? I bet You have, the energetic, cheerful and eat-it-all person. Th...
 Block count: 1091
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Scarlet Witch Statue

Hold Your ponies guys because this hot superhero has made it's way to Minecraft! Yeap, our...
 Block count: 1029
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Orca Statue

This is another example why You should not judge person by appearance only. I mean just lo...
 Block count: 773
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Nick Fury Statue (The Avengers)

May I represent You the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. Nick Fury. He looks really cool as a statue...
 Block count: 999
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Fox Statue

Look at this cute Fox statue from Battle and Beasts Skin Pack. Isn't it looking cool? The ...
 Block count: 1045
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