Working Vehicles


Standard Mail Truck

Eyes light up when You see this truck! "A mail? For me?" Yeah, and a pretty important one!...
 Block count: 75
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Motorised Passenger Stairs

Surely on of the most essential piece of equipment in airport. Well, if You're a rebel the...
 Block count: 74
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Follow Me Airport Car

Airport is a busy place You know. There's no time to just put Your legs on the wall and re...
 Block count: 83
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Flat Nose Truck w Flatbed Trailer

Now this is seriously huge flatbed trailer we've got here, isn't it? I mean just look how ...
 Block count: 115
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Flat Nose Mail Truck

I love mail so much! It is so cute and sweet to have a letter from Your friend ... but, do...
 Block count: 71
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Classic Pick Up Truck

Yeah, classic it is. Looks exactly like one of the trucks from old movies... Sweet! I'm su...
 Block count: 61
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Airport Tow Tractor 2

So this is the famous tractor that pushes airplanes ... this has to be amazingly strong, l...
 Block count: 123
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Airport Tow Tractor

I have wondered all my life, how can this little tractor here tow a huge airplane? It just...
 Block count: 59
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Airport Tank Truck

This is interesting, I mean the design of this vehicle here. The colors are beautiful - wh...
 Block count: 123
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Airport Support Truck 2

Airport bundle is a bit like a military collection- in both of then You can see models tha...
 Block count: 189
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Airport Support Truck

Building a decent airport is not an easy job. But it surely is FUN and fascinating! In cas...
 Block count: 188
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Airport Luggage Truck

Hey there passenger's beloved and hated airport truck! We all know that not seeing Your lu...
 Block count: 43
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3 Axle Flatbed Truck

Do You know why it is called a flatbed truck? Because it is totally flat as You can see of...
 Block count: 89
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3 Axle Box Truck 2

This truck here is just perfect for transporting literally everything because just look ho...
 Block count: 134
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3 Axle Box Truck

Yeah, Your vehicles' collection needs to be upgraded ASAP. Don't waist time on tiny useles...
 Block count: 162
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Light Truck

Aww, what a lovely little snowball. I guess if this little truck pared in the middle of a ...
 Block count: 107
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