Working Vehicles


Trailer Mounted Industrial Generator

There are so many industrial generators in sale right now, it is wonderful really, so many...
 Block count: 70
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Flat Nose Flatbed Truck

If You are looking for a vehicle that can transport a lot of stuff in a short time then th...
 Block count: 94
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Flat Nose Box Truck 2

Beautiful, this truck here is beautiful, especially the colors - white and red, are there ...
 Block count: 138
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Communal Service Truck 3

This is interesting! I feel like the orange color is getting very popular in here lately -...
 Block count: 118
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Wheel-Lift Tow Truck

That's truly an interesting project! So simply done but yet we're talking about an essenti...
 Block count: 64
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US Dump Truck 2

Dump trucks are awesome! Just look at this truck here, there are two colors and they both ...
 Block count: 125
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US Classic Truck 2

I was hoping to see something more... realistic? But let's be honest, it can't always be l...
 Block count: 57
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Snow Blower Truck

The coldest time of the year is around the corner and You should be more than excited! Why...
 Block count: 135
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Refrigerator Box Truck 3

I have never really thought much about refrigerator trucks but now ... aren't they so cool...
 Block count: 95
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Heavy Rescue Vehicle

Hoped to see a red truck? Nope, blue it is. This heavy rescue truck is equipped with all t...
 Block count: 183
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Communal Service Truck 2

This is adorable, it looks like an orange ... so delicious. I love how tiny this service t...
 Block count: 104
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Communal Service Truck

This truck is pretty big and roomy, I wonder how does it look like from the inside. But we...
 Block count: 145
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Salt Truck

Brr, it's getting cold again outside. Roads are icy and that means danger. Be smart and ge...
 Block count: 135
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Refrigerator Box Truck 2

Did You ever think like You could need a refrigerator box truck in Your Minecraft town? Ye...
 Block count: 120
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Refrigerator Box Truck

Sooo, it's like a moving refrigerator? Is that what they're saying? Hah, that's fun! I won...
 Block count: 122
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Ice Cream Truck 3

You don't need to see this truck to know it's the happiest time of the day. You HEAR it ev...
 Block count: 111
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