Working Vehicles


CAT Excavator 3

Oh boy, that's a big one! Seems like a perfect vehicle for digging on a really difficult l...
 Block count: 117
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CAT Excavator 2

Another massive construction model. Somehow it seems the most powerful from them all. Inte...
 Block count: 144
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CAT Excavator

Construction vehicles are something You don't really tend to see every day. You can truly ...
 Block count: 131
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CAT Drilling Rig

Drilling holes into our mother earth is this machines daily work here. But it is really co...
 Block count: 355
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CAT Conveyor Belt

Are You building an airport or You need some help with moving box boxes because either way...
 Block count: 122
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CAT Asphalt Paver

Excavators and trucks don't really help You if You're planning to work on the asphalt. In ...
 Block count: 270
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CAT Articulated Truck 2

That's no basic minecrafting here. That's something hardcore, I can tell You that! After s...
 Block count: 342
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CAT Articulated Truck

Not sure if it's a super cool model or just a weird looking one. After taking a closer loo...
 Block count: 229
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CAT Grader

This is pretty cool vehicle we have here, isn't it so detailed and beautiful? I love the ...
 Block count: 213
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Modern Tank

We all might have a certain vision about a tank but that vision gets a whole new meaning r...
 Block count: 670
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Black Modern Tank

What do You think about owning a big Tank? No, it is not an usual tank it is black totally...
 Block count: 359
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Low Bed Semi-Trailer

I just realised that owning a lot of trucks is a bit bigger job than just literally owning...
 Block count: 117
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American Red Semi-Trailer Truck

Oooh man! You can see this red beauty coming from a looong distance! This piece over here ...
 Block count: 251
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White Box Semi-Trailer

Yeap, Your vehicles' collection needs some urgent update. Here's what You gotta try: a whi...
 Block count: 433
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Timber Semi-Trailer

I bet it is hard to drive a timber semi-trailer, it sure does look pretty dangerous, so it...
 Block count: 605
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Log Semi-Trailer

No truck, just a semi-trailer. No worries, You can get a matching truck from Grabcraft, to...
 Block count: 554
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