Working Vehicles


Futuristic Forklift 1

If You need to move different kind of materials, boxes or anything heavy for short distanc...
 Block count: 40
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Futuristic Flatbed Trailer

No truck this time, just trailer. A flatbed trailer and not only! It's in futuristic style...
 Block count: 263
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Fully Extended Carrier Platform

You might not need this carrier platform only when You're working at the construction's. W...
 Block count: 110
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Double Long Container Trailer

I think that before You are going to build a trailer like that, You'll need great roads t...
 Block count: 870
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Rail Maintenance Truck 3

What's up, beautiful Minecraft family!? What brought You here? Oh, trying to find somethin...
 Block count: 269
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Rail Maintenance Truck 2

I have always loved rail trucks, because why not. No, actually it is pretty weird to see a...
 Block count: 302
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Rail Maintenance Truck 1

Minjoltgaming08 is a legend. He just knows how to minecraft BIG TIME. Here's another amazi...
 Block count: 323
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Half-Track M3 (with Top and Machine Gun)

Now this is a really strong half-track we've got here! Doesn't it look amazing? I seriousl...
 Block count: 262
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Military Jeep

Jeeps are awesome, I really want to drive with this Military jeep here now! Just look how ...
 Block count: 104
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Sky Lift 2

If the other sky lift looked more simple then this one is obviously more rustic and heavie...
 Block count: 185
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Sky Lift 1

Minjoltgaming08 has an absolutely awesome taste in vehicles. Who else could come up with s...
 Block count: 199
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Heavy Duty Handling Trailer

Now this trailer here is for extremely strong and heavy things like ... houses? The traile...
 Block count: 137
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Flat Nose Semi-Trailer Truck 5

Semi trailer trucks are awesome, I just find them so interesting and a bit scary too becau...
 Block count: 205
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Flat Nose Semi-Trailer Truck 4

Now this is a big truck! Can You imagine how much goods You could transport with that? I'l...
 Block count: 261
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Flat Nose Dump Truck 2

Honestly, I am so used to seeing dump trucks with yellow or orange bed but here it is beau...
 Block count: 89
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Communal Service Truck 4

Now this truck here is really interesting - a service truck that can be anything in the wo...
 Block count: 116
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